Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mary Joy + Thomas

Very excited to bring you the theatrical trailer of Mary Joy & Thomas.
You might recognize them from my very first posting, Short Doc
Mary Joy and Thomas were amazing to work with,
they were up for almost anything.
They got married at Our Lady of Pompeii and
partied at the Hotel Syracuse.
When I say partied, I mean PAARTIEEEED!!!
It was crazy! Brother Brian from Visa Versa Entertainment
rocked it out! I will be posting a reception
clip in a couple of weeks so you can see how amazing The Hotel Syracuse
looked with the up lighting provided by Visa Versa.
Ed Guarente was the official photographer. A real talent I had the
pleasure of working with a few times last year. He kept me on my toes
all day, always coming up with the next great shot, I’ll get you next
time Ed. Check out some of Ed’s work from the same wedding here.
O.K so without further adieu enjoy the trailer.

Mary Joy and Thomas Wedding Trailer from Vasili's World Video on Vimeo.


Mary Joy said...

Vasili, I'm finally finding time to post the comments some people made about the trailer:

Chris N:
Dude what the F*&%!!! if you throw some s*x in that video i will pay $12.95 plus popcorn, and coke, and candy to see it in the theater. To hell with Star Trek, Kids get ready for .... TOM AND MJ... dun dun dun!!!
May 14 at 11:59pm

Mei M:
It's incredible. Can't wait to see the full movie!
May 15 at 2:05am

Daniela Maffei
Ho appena visto il video รจ bellissimo, peccato non poter esserci stati!
May 15 at 2:50am

Catrina B:
love love love it!!!
May 15 at 9:50am

Andrew P:
that was decidedly awesome.
May 15 at 10:50am

Ed G:
Oh Yeah!
May 15 at 11:19am

Sharon B:
May 15 at 11:57am

Damian N:
That's great. I swear, whenever I hear the voice of your father or brother, I feel like an Israelite at the bottom of Mount Sinai.
May 16 at 10:02am

Jay John B:
Awesome! LOL!!
May 17 at 3:09pm

Matthew M:
I think I showed that to everyone in my office. How much for the full movie DVD? Is the whole movie going to be like the trailer? If so, I may need to change my pants.
May 22 at 2:03pm

Jay John Bernard
I'm holding out for the box set with the commentary and directors' cut!
May 22 at 3:55pm

Lisa Sabino
love love love love love!!!!
June 1 at 9:13pm

vasili's world video said...

Thank you all for tha awesome coments!!!